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“Always on” marketing: a fundamental strategy for modern brands

28 feb 2023

Always on marketing is a strategy that consists of maintaining a constant and active presence in a variety of communication channels, both online and offline, to always be connected and engaged with your audience.

Exploring the World of AdTech and its Segments

1 may 2024

AdTech, short for Advertising Technology, refers to the set of tools, platforms and technologies used to manage, distribute, optimize and create digital advertising. This article explains the AdTech segments today, and recommends a couple of leading providers.

The best generative AI events in Europe in 2024

13 may 2024

In this article, we will guide you through the best events that will shape the European landscape this year, exploring the latest innovations, trends and futuristic visions that are shaping technology in the digital age.

Differences between influencer marketing, creator marketing and motion design marketing

6 may 2024

In digital marketing it is essential to understand and master the various strategies available in order to reach our audience in the most effective way. This article shares the key differences between three approaches to marketing: Influencer Marketing, Creator Marketing, and Motion Design Marketing.

Por qué publicitarse con Vídeo

3 jun 2024

En la era digital, la publicidad ha evolucionado de formas inimaginables, y el vídeo se ha posicionado como una de las herramientas más poderosas para las marcas. En este artículo os dejamos una serie de razones por las que publicitarse con vídeo.

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